Rumble Coffee Roasters
Twenty Nineteen

Rumble Coffee Roasters formed in 2013 when three buddies, Joe, Matt and Stan decided they could combine their expertise and do a better job of selling and sourcing coffee than what everyone else was doing. 

What started as a simple ‘logo’ all those years ago has lead to The Design Dept being just that - we are Rumble’s design department - no job is too big, no job is too small. When you want consistency across all touch points of your brand, it pays to have the designers designing and everyone else running the business of making awesome coffee. 

This constant and consistent relationship has meant that The Design Dept it all over their branding guidelines (we should be, we made them) so Rumbles saves time and money on reduced turnaround on jobs and knowing that we are always working are hardest to keep Rumble at the forefront of the Melbourne coffee scene.

The scale and scope of projects with Rumble vary from a simple business card design to the entire packaging design system for the coffee that they use for both wholesale and retail customers. Everything from the delivery van graphics to the company Christmas card are collaborated on with The Design Dept.

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Original drawing from Rumble discovery

Logo Design

Packaging Design - Cafe Tubs

Packaging Design - Coffee Bags

Icon Design

We worked with Jess from the start of our business when all we had was an idea to roast coffee. She came up our logo, helped us develop our brand and designed everything from coffee bags to mugs, t-shirts to boxes and postcards. Jess is fast, responsive and always comes up with a creative solution to any design challenge we throw her way.
Joe Molloy, Rumble Co-Founder

Annual Report Design - Transparency Report

Website development - wire frames

Website design - home page

How we helped

Visual Identity
Graphic Design
Creative Direction

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