November Twenty Nineteen

Fiona Luca = Move. Move = Fiona Luca. Never has the connection between the name of a company and it founder been so well matched! The Design Dept was delighted to be approached by Fiona to help her collect her multidisciplinary roles of choreographer, yoga instructor and business mentor (just to name a few) into a single entity that could represent all areas of her business. 

‘Move’ encapsulates not only the physical nature of her work but amazing energy that she inserts into every aspect of her business - whether its working as a mentor with young dancers who ready to go pro or at a conference, guest speaking as an expert in running a business in the creative art industry, Fiona’s energy is what makes her unstoppable. 

We have included our discovery and the subsequent stylecscapes we used with Fiona as they were an incredibly powerful tool when trying to represent possible visual directions. 

We were thrilled that she was on board with us changing ‘Move’ to ‘move,’ placing her business in the middle of a bigger story.

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Stylescape for "Christine" a Dance studio owner

Stylescape for "Henry" the Sports physiotherapist

Stylescape for "Jenna" a young professional dancer

Business Card Design

I engaged with Jess from The Design Dept, knowing that it was time to brand myself and my services, but a little lost as to where to begin.
After an engaging and exciting first meet, Jess was able to transform my language, my ideas and my vision into something visually spectacular and so representative of my intentions and strengths.
From the get go, The Design Dept has provided second to none service and created a process that has been detailed, insightful and completely enjoyable. Jess is efficient, enthusiastic, and has gone above and beyond to ensure that I am completely in love with my branding,
I cannot thank The Design Dept enough, I look at my branding and it evokes so much emotion and joy.
Its perfect!!
Fiona Luca ~ Move Director

Yoga Course Flyer

Website development - wire frames

Website design - home page

How we helped

Brand Strategy
Creative Direction
Visual Identity
Graphic Design
Website development
Website Design

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