Conducting Artistry
December Twenty Nineteen

Renowned Melbourne conductor Ingrid Martin approached us in 2019 to help design and launch an online learning platform for conducting students. The mission was simple - to help students become the best conductor they could be. Wanting to disrupt the preconceived idea of who conductors are (old, white guys) Conducting Artistry flips the expected and uses reversed white on black where possible and is supported by super bright 100% CMYK!  The identity system is inspired by the movement created by a Conductor’s baton and has several versions to be used throughout the school.

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Stylescape "Gesture" using core values Transform, Elevate, Awaken

Stylescape "Platform" using core values Empower, Community, Quality

Final Stylescape focusing on core values Transform, Elevate, Awaken

Logo Development

Logo Variations

Movement Library

Website development - wire frames

Website design - home page

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Visual Identity
Website development
Website Design

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