Conducting Artistry
December Twenty Nineteen

Conducting Artistry is an online learning platform for music students who are studying conducting. Conductor Ingrid Martin recognised a space in the traditional learning path for a conductor, and offers tailored courses to help empower students to lead transformative musical experiences.

The Design Dept’s objective was to create a space in which this can happen. Working with Ingrid Martin, we designed a visual identity system and supporting material inspired by the movement created by a conductor's baton. We didn’t want to be locked into one logo for everything so we created a family of movements that can be interchanged depending on their use. We have included our ‘stylescapes’ in this case study as they are an important part of how we collaborate with our clients and reach our final designs. 

A Stylescape is a curated collection of images, textures, typography, and colours that communicate a certain look and feel. They are created to be shared with clients before the visual design phase to make sure everyone’s in agreement with the direction and gives us both a crystal-clear picture of the deliverables ahead. They are normally inspired by three core values (brand DNA if you will)

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Stylescape "Gesture" using core values Transform, Elevate, Awaken

Stylescape "Platform" using core values Empower, Community, Quality

Final Stylescape focusing on core values Transform, Elevate, Awaken

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