Every author is different and I adjust the packages according. Below are some general prices (in Australia Dollars) to help authors who may be applying for grants and need to factor design and marketing into their application. Please email me directly and we can discuss a package that best suits your project.

Please note, all of these packages revolve around the R.E.A.D™ process. I can’t guarantee my best work if we skip parts of the process. Every stage is important.
Book Cover Design
Book Cover and Text Design
(hard cover, paperback, epub)
$4000 - $8000
(depending on complexity)
Long document formatting
$1000 - $3000
Personal branding
Promotional Material
$1000 - $3000
Website Design
$4000 - $6000
(depending on complexity)
Ecommerce Website Design
$6000 - $8000
(depending on complexity)
Full Package
$15,000 - $20,000
(depending on complexity)

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