F. A. Q.

What is InCopy?

Adobe InCopy is a word processing programme. Much like any other word processing program it has basic formatting and styling capabilities. The reason I LOVE InCopy is because it bridges the gap between design and editorial when used in conjunction with InDesign (page layout software). 

When an InDesign document has the text linked to InCopy, the text behaves like a placed image - if something changes that image outside of InDesign, you get a warning and need to update it. 

The InCopy file can present the text as it appears in my InDesign file - you see what I see. This means you can see exactly what is happening to the text as you edit it. Once you or your editor has finished making the required changes the text in, InCopy is ‘checked in’ and I’ll get a warning to update my InDesign file. In doing so my InDesign file will be updated with your corrections.

No manual markup means less human error! If you see something that needs changing - change it! We obviously still have formal stages or ‘rounds’ but this reduces the book production time by weeks, if not months!

What is InDesign?

Adobe InDesign is the industry standard software for desktop publishing and page layout design. Nerdy designers (like myself) love the powerful styling capabilities and use these to help reduce the typesetting turnaround.

What are stylescapes?

Stylescapes are a series of highly curated mood boards used to align a designers vision with the clients expectations. In our first meeting together we’ll discuss what is important to you and what your success might look like. I leave this meeting with a few core words/concepts that resonate with you and your project. I create 2 to 3 stylescapes inspired by our conversation and normally within 10 day, we meet again to show you some potential directions. We may need to mix and match elements but we end up with a final stylescape and this is what we focus on moving forward. I use stylescapes because they take the guessing out of what you want and create alignment before I even do any design. We save huge amounts of time with less revisions because you know what to expect and I know what you want. 

Do you do ePubs?

Sure do. These follow the same R.E.A.D.™ process but we deliver a digital file rather than print files. I like to find out at the start of the project if you need a hard cover, paperback and or ePub. This will affect how I set up the original InDesign file and save us time later on.

What printer do you use?

That depends on where you are, how many books you’d like to print, and the type of book. I like to keep the books and authors close together for easier distribution but as POD services get better it sometimes doesn’t matter where you are but more about where the customer is.

Can you just design my book cover or just the website?

Sure can. I’m happy to work with authors on any part of the production process. You may already have a book and just need a refresh on the personal branding and a sweet online store. No problem. See the packages page for a breakdown of services.

Do you offer editing services?

Yes. Via our in-house editing team at Cult Copy ;)

Do you offer ongoing support?

Ideally I would’ve left you with enough tools and resources to manage the day to day of running your online store. I have a private You Tube channel with a series of tutorials that I hope will find helpful during the project and can refer back to them if you need to. 

Are there any additional costs?

Yes there are. None of the packages include the printing of the books, freight or purchase of any stock imagery, illustrations or special fonts. I want to set you up to be as self sufficient as possible so you’ll personally be responsible for the purchase of your domain name, email address (if required) and Webflow hosting. You’ll also need to have a stripe or paypal account to receive payments if you have an online store.

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