Kahuku Publishing Collective

Des Molloy is a New Zealand author who was exhausted from trying to get his book published through traditional means. After taking an inspirational self-publishing course he decided to go it alone. Well, kind of, he took the The Design Dept with him for the ride.

The original branding for Kahuku Publishing Collective was done by us (well just Jess then) back in 2016. It wasn’t until mid 2019 that things really speed up.

We discovered a Melbourne based publishing business called Tablo. The Tablo online portal allows authors to write and edit their books before using a POD (print on demand) service so they can sell their books through most major online book retailers - Amazon, Barnes and Noble etc.

After meeting with Ash from Tablo we were able to supply our own design files for the book (rather than using Tablo’s automated formatting) and with much hard work from everyone involved Des’s book is now a real tangible book that's getting rave reviews from all who read it!

Our role was to create a space online to promote the book, and introduce people to Author. Much to Des’s credit he took our creative direction well and has embraced our recommendations to set up a blog (being a prolific writer it wasn’t hard). He also took the time to learn Incopy so he could edit his book while we worked on it.

A true collaboration and the start of many more books to come.

Logo Developement

Jess, your service through The Design Dept has been wonderful and greatly appreciated.  I now expect the unexpected.  

All your designs have exceeded my expectations … never dull and predictable.  I believe that your professionalism and enthusiasm for the project have been part of the reason it is succeeding.  

The complete book design and delivery, along with promotional flyers and a stunning website have lent a real legitimacy to my burgeoning publishing initiative.

Overwhelmingly, the comments about your graphics have been positive.  My people have loved the visuals.  

Thank you." ~ Des Molloy

Full Book Cover

Internal spreads

Business Cards

Promotional material


Website development

Website design

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